TickleIntensive – Sydney’s Ticklish Toes

Age: 30

Shoe Size: 8.5



Sydney Paige’s toes are deathly ticklish and Courtney Cummz is going to every inch of her ticklish toes and soles in this NONSTOP tickling custom

Sydney’s locked in the stocks and all ten of her toes are toetied, giving unfettered access to each toe and even the sensitive spaces in between. Courtney takes FULL ADVANTAGE of her victim’s vulnerable position, running her nails under and between her toes, making her squeal with laughter! Then the toothbrushes come out to harass Sydney’s ticklish toes and the incessant brushing between her toes has her CURSING AND SCREAMING WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER IN NO TIME FLAT! Her toes and soles are also tickled with the comb, the vibrating tickling tool, and of course the hairbrush!

Courtney literally tickles Sydney’s feet pink! She scrubs her sensitive foot-bottoms with the hairbrush until they’re red! Then she returns to Sydney’s toes to finish her off, tormenting them with fingernails and the toothbrushes, TICKLING THE POOR WOMAN TO TOTAL EXHAUSTION! She’s left locked in the stocks, sweaty and gasping for air, her face and chest flushed a bright red from the 20+ minutes of involuntary laughter, mind racing with what could possibly come next…

Length: 20:09
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Sydney’s Ticklish Toes

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