TickleIntensive – Texas Tara’s Nonstop Suffering

Tara is a DESPERATELY TICKLISH hottie from Texas. This prim and proper woman has been stripped TOPLESS before being tightly wrapped and strapped to the bed for a NONSTOP TAGTEAM TICKLING SESSION! Tara has no idea that two vicious women will be tickling her. Her incredibly ticklish size 10.5 feet have been toetied for complete immobility.

Bianca starts with Taras worst spot, her bare feet, raking them mercilessly with her sharp fingernails! THE TICKLISH TEXAN CANT HOLD BACK AND CACKLES HYSTERICALLY AS HER ARCHES AND TOES ARE TREATED TO A VICIOUS TICKLING! Baby oil is applied to Taras twitching feet, making them even more sensitive, and when Biancas nails are applied to her oiled soles she howls with hysteria! THE PINWHEEL AND THE BRUSH take their turns on her ticklish soles and the poor girl struggles like a madwoman and she cackles hysterically, begging for mercy throughout the entire ordeal. "IT'S SO FUCKING TICKLISH! I CANT STAND IT! STOOOOOP!" TARA SCREAMS, BUT HER PREDICAMENT IS ABOUT TO GET EVEN WORSE WHEN TWO SADISTIC WOMEN TAGTEAM HER BARE FEET! Kandy Kummings joins the fun, helping Bianca by tickling Taras feet, twenty wicked fingernails raking her sensitive soles at the same time! She shrieks with agonized laughter, struggling like crazy and begging in vain as the girls have their way with her DESPERATELY TICKLISH FEET!

TARA'S UPPERBODY IS ALSO DESPERATELY TICKLISH and the girls are absolutely BRUTAL to her sensitive body! They viciously tickle her BARE BREASTS, NIPPLES, pits, sides, stomach, and hips. Tara breaks into a hot sweat and cackles continuously, unable to stop herself, desperately trying to beg through the laughter. BUT BIANCA AND KANDY DONT LISTEN TO ANYTHING SHE SAYS, THEY JUST TICKLE HER HOW THEY PLEASE, DESTROYING THE POOR GIRL IN THE PROCESS!

Tara is covered in sweat and panting with exhaustion. SHE BEGS FOR THE GIRLS TO STOP BUT THEY RETURN TO HER FEET REGARDLESS, PUNISHING HER SLENDER SOLES WITH THEIR FINGERNAILS, DUAL COMBS, AND FINALLY DUAL HAIRBRUSHES! They scrub Taras soles until shes unable to do anything but laugh and gasp for air! She is left tied to the bed, completely wrecked from the extreme tickling.

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1920×1080,, 8023 kbps,  fps
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Duration: 10:33.517
Size: 611,81 Mb

Download – Texas Tara's Nonstop Suffering

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