TickleIntensive – Torture In Spanish

Extremely sensitive Sahrye is strapped to the bed for a long-overdue tickle session.

Storm drives her crazy, tickling her size 5.5 feet with her pointed nails, making her hysterical in seconds flat. Storm tells her it would be sexy if she begged in Spanish, but Sahrye is in no mood to satisfy the redhead’s whims, and she refuses. This, of course, gives Storm the perfect excuse to tickle her as much as she likes. When another round of intense foot tickling fails to convince Sahrye to beg in Spanish, Storm invites Bianca into the scene to help change the stubborn Latina’s mind! WITH TWO VICIOUS WOMEN TICKLE HER FEET WITHOUT MERCY, IT DOESN’T TAKE LONG FOR SAHRYE TO BREAK, AND SHE’S SOON PLEADING IN SPANISH LIKE A MADWOMAN! The girls chuckle at Sahrye’s pathetic attempts to get their sympathy and move to her upperbody. They double team her sides, pits, stomach, hips, and inner thighs until Sahrye is babbling in Spanish and squealing with laughter.

When Sahrye makes the mistake of pleading in English, the girls decide to GANG TICKLE her as a punishment! Autumn joins in, cruelly attacking Sahrye’s sides and thighs, while Storm and Bianca concentrate on her feet. The end result is a gasping, hysterical Sahrye that doesn’t know whether to beg in Spanish or scream with laughter.

The girls tickle Sahrye until she’s a shuddering, sweat-soaked wreck.

3/4 foot tickling. 1/4 upperbody/gang tickling.

Length: 9:12
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Torture In Spanish

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