TickleIntensive – Wrapped Beauty Queen

Gisela is an international beauty queen who happens to be ridiculously ticklish, especially on her gorgeous size 9.5 feet. She finds herself tightly wrapped on the bed, completely unable to move, her bare soles exposed and her big toes toetied for immobilization. Gisela was hesitant to submit to such a restrictive position, but Bianca promised to go easy on her if she begged in her native tongue of German. UNFORTUNATELY, THE SADISTIC REDHEAD HAD NO INTENTION OF KEEPING HER PROMISE.

It's obvious from the start that this scene will not be easy on the restrained beauty queen. BIANCA VICIOUSLY TICKLES THE SOLES OF HER FEET, DISREGARDING GISELA'S SQUEALS OF PROTEST AND THE BOUTS OF UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER THAT SOON FOLLOW! She babbles in German, begging as much as she can in a vain attempt to please her captor, but Bianca covers her twitching soles in baby oil and tickles her even harder! Unable to effect any movement beyond wiggling her hips salaciously, GISELA SCREAMS, SHRIEKS, AND CACKLES WITH LAUGHTER WHILE BIANCA USES A COMBINATION OF HER FINGERNAILS, THE COMB, AND THE BRUSH ON HER HELPLESS SOLES! When Gisela finds the breath, she begs desperately in German, pleading hotly until hysterical laughter overwhelms her. Bianca ignores her pleas, concentrating on tickling the most sensitive spots on her feet, driving her crazy.

Gisela's upperbody is not spared. SHE CAN'T MOVE AND BIANCA TAKES FULL ADVANTAGE OF HER VULNERABLE POSITION, TICKLING HER ARMPITS, SIDES, STOMACH, AND HIPS WITHOUT MERCY! Cursing with frustration and shrieking with hysterical laughter, Gisela struggles as much as her bonds allow, but there's no escape. Bianca smirks at her reactions and tickles her even more, making the sensitive beauty queen scream with laughter!

Gisela is exhausted but the tickling isn't over yet. BIANCA SUBJECTS HER FEET TO EVEN MORE TICKING, RAKING THEM WITH HER NAILS AND BRUTALLY PUNISHING THEM WITH DUAL HAIRBRUSHES, FORCING HER TO SCREAM WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER! The evil redhead keeps tickling Gisela until she's howling with laughter. When Bianca finally relents, she can only gasp for air and sigh with relief.

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