TickleIntensive – Wrecked Raven

Meet Raven. She has many roles – a hot MILF, a strong wrestler, a cruel dominatrix, but no matter the scenario, one thing is certain – SHE’S ALWAYS EXTREMELY TICKLISH! Raven hates this fact, and it looks like her limits will be tested, because Violet has her locked in the stocks TOPLESS AND TOETIED for the worst tickling of her life.

This is cruel tickling. Violet nails are sharp and nimble, the toeties are taut, and there are no breaks. Raven puts up about two seconds worth of resistance before breaking into long peals of hysterical laughter. SHE CACKLES LIKE A WITCH AS HER IMMOBILE SOLES ARE RAKED BY VIOLET’S NAILS, THE COMB, AND THE BRUSH! Raven thinks it can’t get any worse, but Violet’s about to turn up the heat…

If there’s one thing Raven can’t stand, it’s electricity, so when we heard that we knew we just HAD to introduce her to the Violet Wand! The high voltage implement is applied to her bare soles and the SPARKS FLY AS RAVEN JERKS AND REACTS WITH A MIXTURE OF SCREAMS AND WILD UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER! This Wrestler/Dominatrix begs almost incoherently for her sexy soles not to be subjected to more electricity, but Violet is REALLY into watching the spark dance across Raven’s soles, AND SHE JUST CAN’T HELP HERSELF! She torment her soles and heels with electricity until the hysterical woman is screaming at the top of her lungs with forced laughter!!

Raven’s nude upperbody is also subjected to a brutal tickling. HER PITS, SIDES, STOMACH, TITS, EVEN HER THIGHS ARE ALL TICKLED WITHOUT MERCY! The more Raven begs, the worse the tickling gets, and pretty soon she’s laughing so hard she can’t even beg!

The sadistic tickling continues until Raven is completely wrecked. Her feet are punished with DUAL HAIRBRUSHES, with Violet subjecting her soles to a merciless scrubbing until Raven is tickled completely breathless! When it’s finally over, she’s left locked in the stocks gasping for air, toes twitching, and giggling uncontrollably…

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