TickleInvasion – Raven’s First Time being Tickled

Raven Vice is a virgin to being tickled. Maya Sinstress has her tied down to the bondage table and does a fingertip inspection all over her body. Sinstress wants to find out where Raven is the most sensitive. In this 20 minute clip, She learns Raven’s feet and thighs and backs of the knees are excitable. Sinstress uses feathers, a hair brush & vibrating toothbrush to stimulate her skin. It takes Raven awhile to warm up and then she lets is all go. She giggles as Sinstress digs into her soles and toes. All breathless, Raven can’t keep it together. Sinstress does some long tickling at the end until Raven pleads for her to stop.

Length: 20:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Raven’s First Time being Tickled

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