TickleNail – Big ticklish feet tickled – Huanita

Huanita is nervous even before the tickling starts as she knows how this will play out, especially that she hasn’t been tickled in a while. Her big feet are her biggest ticklish weakness and Barbara knows that and will enjoy tickling her first over her cheetah print socks, which Huanita explained after the clip are the worst(read best haha) as they are not the same thickness throughout making the tickles worse. Then Barbaratakes them off, but Huanita does not let her socks without a hard struggle, she holds on to her last sock like struggling for her dear life until Barbara uses her long fingernails to make the sock come flying out of her toe grip. Now that her big feet are exposed, Barbara pours oil on them and tickles them with her fingernails, the claw, and a toothbrush for that hard to reach spot between her long toes making Huanita go crazy. Huanita tries to distract Barbara by talking and her wild ideas to let her go but it is useless her feet must be tickled and tickled hard!

Duration: 6:43.298
Size: 399,857 Mb

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