TickleNail – Oily feet up vs long red fingernails – custom order

Ashley has her feet tied up on the chair and her arms locked in stocks.

I have another custom request I hope you can
make for me. Mostly foot tickling and armpit tickling.
This message is for the foot tickling part. The foot model would have
her legs up with ankles tied to the top of the chair with her soles
exposed and with arms stretched back with stocks on her wrist. No gag
on the foot model on this one. Tickler with very long red nails would
tickle one foot at a time using the techniques shown in the gifs for 2
minutes and then tickle both feet at the same time for 1 minute. I
love seeing feet move and twirl around trying to get away while being
tickled so if possible I would like the tickler to just tickle her
feet without grabbing and holding it still. Tickler would use the
index fingernail tickle techniques the most.

For the armpit tickling part of the video the tickler would
lay close to the model’s armpits and briefly tease them first by
wiggling her long index fingernails at both armpits first while the
model shakes her head “NO NO NO”. Then the tickler would tickle both
armpits at the same time a little fast using the tips of her long
index fingernails while the model screams and laughs.

Duration: 8:27.106
Size: 501,435 Mb

Download – Oily feet up vs long red fingernails – custom order

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