TickleTorture – Charlee Chase Pantyhose Foot Tickle

Busty blond MILF Charlee Chase is on the bed, her ankles bound together with rope, affixed to the bed. You have her right where you want her. You’ve fantasized about tickling her big beautiful feet for some time now and though she agreed to finally allow you to tickle her giant soles, she wasn’t expecting you to show up today. She’s wearing a white button down shirt, her huge DD breasts struggling to remain inside, a white skirt, nude sheer to waist pantyhose and white strappy wedges. You remove her shoes, exposing her gorgeous soles covered in nylons. What a special treat! Not only do you have the opportunity of a lifetime to tickle her feet, but they are also going to be even more ticklish than usual because of the pantyhose! You use a long black feather, gently moving it up and down her soles, around her toes and all around her heels. Charlee squirms and giggles and talks about how it feels to her. You wiggle your fingers and fingernails under and between her toes, over her pantyhose covered soles and heels. You leave no spot untouched. Charlee agrees to let you use the electric toothbrush, only you accidentally left it on the bed next to her while tieing her up so she has to hand it to you. You turn it on and the vibrations immediately have her laughing in hysterics, scrunching down her toes and trying to break her feet free from their bondage. You tease her by using the toothbrush with one hand and the feather with the other hand. Will you continue to her after she asks you to stop?

Duration: 10:44
Size: 193,342 Mb

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