TickleTorture – Charlee Chase Which Tickles More

As requested, I’m wearing my brand new blue nylon socks. They are incredibly soft and comfortable and apparently quite see through as well. I show you my nylon covered feet and invite you to tickle me. Let’s see which is more ticklish: My feet covered in my blue nylon socks or barefoot. You tickle me all over my feet with your fingers, making sure not to miss a spot as you rake up and down my soles, dig deep under and in between my toes, over my arches and my heels. EEEEEEKKKKK! It’s so ridiculously ticklish! I’m having a very difficult time remaining still. You slowly remove my socks, tickling my feet with them still half covered. I take a quick breather while you fully remove my socks and you’re back at it again! Wiggling your ticklish fingers all over my bare feet. I have left an electric toothbrush for you to use as well. You enjoy my reactions to the vibrations from the brush running all over my big beautiful feet, but you want to finish me off with your fingers. So, which do you think is more ticklish? I definitely have my opinion!

Duration: 7:53.539
Size: 151,815 Mb

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