TickleTortureFromBoston – Mia Stellas Topless TableTickle Freak Out!

Mia Stella is tall and strong, and CRAZY TICKLISH from head to toe. In this clip Mia Stella is topless, bound to the table and worked over more intensely than ever! The first few minutes has Mia Stella trying desperately to keep her arms above her head while I tickle and tickle and she giggles, squeaks, and squeals. One she is bound to the table the real fun begins and Mia starts to have a ticklish freak out! Thrashing wildly while I tickle her sexy curvy body. At one point when I tickle her tummy Mia Struggles so much SHE BREAKS THE BONDAGE! After securing her to the table again with a sturdier set of cuffs, I punish her for breaking free, tickling her extra hard while she screams and thrashes helplessly. The finale of this clip is when I use the electric flosser on Mia Stellas underarms. *Amazing Reactions!*

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720, 3959 kbps

Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 256 kbps

Duration: 11:22.615

Size: 343,063 Mb

Download – Mia Stellas Topless TableTickle Freak Out!

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