TICKLETortureInnocentTicklishGf – Horrible ticklish Ada tickled on all her WORST spots

Without “safe word”: this poor latina girl really thinks it is a medical test!

She really hates be tickled. She try to resist, she try all the time to don’t laugh, but she will scream and laugh hysterically. And when we find her spot, she just explodes.

This is real, our videos are not professional, but are authentic. Ada is NOT a model. She really thinks it is a medical exam, she is not acting, and you will see. You will see how desperate she is when tickled.

Ada is a member of Cristina’s family. Living in the same household, in this remote South American Country. They never been medical check or never participate in medical science projects. She went with Cristina to don’t live her alone and then we decided she could not return home before we tickle torture her.
She is strong-willed and will struggle to give up her power to us. Especially when we find the right spot, a spot she didn’t even know existed.

She is ticklish – of course not so ticklish like Fernanda that pee in her pants – Ada is very ticklish and laughs hysterically when tickled, shout and also asks us to stop this experiment, but unfortunately it is not possible to stop. There’s no turning back now, she is unable to back out or change her mind, now that the contract has been signed. She will be tickled, she is tied, there’s no stopping it.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 5791 kbps

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Duration: 11:02.166

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Download – Horrible ticklish Ada tickled on all her WORST spots

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