TickleWorshipVideos – SkullCandyBri’s Feet Tickled & Worshiped

SkullCandyBri caught my attention at a show. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, her tattoos, and her shoes (that I was sure were getting sweaty). We kept glancing at eachother in passing throughout the night, but never said anything. By the end of the night, I caught up to her to let her know I really liked her tattoos. She let me know how many she had..including some on her feet. She said she was visiting for the show, but would be headed out soon…so I had to ask. I let her know about my job and that I’d love to see her feet tattoos sometime..and she made it a point that night to stay an extra day so we she could swing by and shove them right in my camera and my face. I had a lot of requests for me to add some more tickling content and I figured there was no one better to introduce with it than the amazing SkullCandyBri! Watch as she flexes her toes and flails around while I tickle her soft soles. She has the cutest laugh and can’t hold still while I run my fingers up and down her feet…then she grabs the camera and shoves her feet down my throat.

Length: 14:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – SkullCandyBri’s Feet Tickled & Worshiped

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