TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – An unforgivable delay

Elisabeth is Laura's employee and even today she is late at work. Laura can not stand it any more, she has recommended hundreds of times not to delay, but every day it’s the same old story. This time Laura decides not to make discounts, she is determined to fire her, but the poor girl is so desperate, she prays on her knees promising that she will do whatever Laura wants not to be fired, so the mistress forces the young Elisabeth to a difficult choice: she can become her slave and agrees to execute every order she will be imposed, or she can forget that job forever. The girl accepts to become Laura’s slave, therefore Laura takes her to the desk, tide her up and remove one of Elisabeth’s ballet flats, then she sniff it and she notices that the girl's feet are really stinky . "Do you know that your feet are so dirty and stinky? You deserve to be punished! "So she begins to tickle the sole of the foot. Elisabeth begs her to stop, but Laura doesn’t care and keeps on to tickle her foot. Not satisfied, she takes a paintbrush and starts to pass it between the young girl’s toes. This is a real sensitive point and Elisabeth just can not hold back her tears, she cries as long as Laura tickles in that area. Laura remove a stocking of the girl and put it in her mouth because she can not stand all those cries, a real slave suffers in silence! The Mistress still does not seem happy and decides to untie the young and make her knee in front of her, she feels particularly sympathetic therefore she allows her to choice, Elisabeth can choose whether to receive tickling on the belly or back to the feet. The young woman chooses her belly, so Laura begins to tickle her first with her fingers and then with the paintbrush, then she asks her if she likes this torture, if she wants to continue. Elisabeth knows that this is a trap, that begging her to stop would only increase her suffering, so she pretends that she likes it and begs her to continue. Laura then puts a mask on her eyes and tape her mouth, then goes on tickling her feet no stop, she loves to see the young suffer and wriggle with her mouth shut, totally defenseless. After endless minutes Laura untie the slave reminding her that this is only the beginning, tomorrow she will have to show up again there for a new series of tortures, or she can forget her job. 

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 4910 kbps, 50.000 fps
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Duration: 32:46.120
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