TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Delle scarpe speciali / A special shoe

Stella is almost ready to go out the only thing left are her heels … Unfortunately it has never been so hard to find them. She discovers a shoes’s box, she knows that Ammalia, her roommate, is a foot fetishist and an excellent shoe expert, this box must be hers. Stella knows she shouldn’t do it, but otherwise curiosity takes over, so she opens the box and checks the contents. Inside, she finds a pair of high-heeled shoes, not an expensive model, but one that surprise her. Much of the sole has been cut away leaving the sole of the foot and the fingers completely exposed! Stella is now driven by the desire of try these curious heels, so she sits on the sofa and put on their shoes. Ki napped by the new sensation Stella “plays” with her feet and with this pair of heels out of the ordinary, she walks around the room, dangles them and continues to look at her feet through the wide “holes” of the sole. Sitting back on the sofa, she looks back into the box and notices a pair of steel pipe-clamps connected together by a chain … The desire to risk grows in her, so without removing the shoes “pushes” the bigtoes down, and blocks them together with the bands, the width of the ring is not much and Stella struggles a bit ‘to stick them to the toes. However, finally she succeeds in her intent! Stella is completely enraptured by the situation … She chuckles and tries to separate her feet without succeeding. But when it comes time to remove them, to her great surprise the rings are stuck and do not slip out anymore! Panic! Now Stella realizes the big trouble in which she has been hunted! After a few failed attempts, the sound of the lock on the front door awakens her from her concentration … Ammalia is back and she is still trapped !. Ammalia reaches Stella sitting on the couch and tells her that they have to hurry up or they’ll be late. Ammalia reaches her friend and does not understand what is going on, grasping Stella gently for an arm tries to get her up from the couch … But she is afraid of hurting herself confesses that her feet are blocked and she can not walk! She raises her legs and shows the soles of her feet to her roommate who starts laughing and finally understands the situation, therefore she goes to the closet to take a screwdriver and loosen the rings that block the toes of the poor girl. However, before freeing Stella, Ammalia takes advantage of the situation and begins to tickle the soles of the feet of the roommate as a punishment for having snooped in her stuff. Stella can’t do nothing but try to apologize and suffer the punishment of her roommate! Ammalia finally removes the “special heels” from her roommate, but before Stella manages to move her feet, Ammalia rapidly grabs them from the ankles and continues in her punishment against Stella that, between pleasure and torture she no longer knows how to behave!

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1920×1080,, 10008 kbps, fps
Audio: 0x0162 (Windows Media Audio 9 Professional), 44100Hz, 440 kbps VBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 15:13.719
Size: 610,103 Mb

Download – Delle scarpe speciali / A special shoe

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