TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Eleonore and the ticklish thief

Eve is a thief in search of jewels. Eleonore is a successful businesswoman who is divorced and lives at home alone. Eve sneaks into Eleonore’s house one night to search for jewelry. Eleonore wakes up while Eve is trying to find the jewels to steal. Eleonore manages to reduce Eve and ties her on a massage bed with her legs and arms stretched out. He asks what he is doing at home. But Eve refuses to answer. Eleonore decides to use another method to make her speak. She begins to tickle Eve’s armpits and ribs very slowly with her nails, while she continues to question her to tell her what to look for, Eve resists and Eleonore decides to continue tickling her feet slowly now. Finally Eve confesses that she is looking for the jewels to steal. Eleonore continues to tickle her a bit, as a punishment. But he tells Eve that he will continue with his punishment later. Eleonore goes to shower without realizing that Eve’s bonds have loosened, caused by Eve’s movement due to the tickling. Eve manages to free herself and waits for Eleonore to get out of the shower. And follow the procedure that Eleonore used with her, tie Eleonore to the massage table with her arms and legs stretched out. Eve begins to interrogate Eleonore to find out the location of the jewels. Eleonore refuses, Eve smiles and tells Eleonore that she has another way to make her speak. She begins to tickle very slowly with her nails on Eleonore’s armpits and ribs. Eleonore smiles but is reluctant to tell him anything about the jewels. Eve decides to continue questioning her and now she goes to tickle Eleonore’s feet very slowly with her nails. After a while of torture, Eleonore can’t resist anymore and gives Eve the location of the jewels. Eve smiles and decides to continue tickling slowly, and after some more tickling torture. Eve takes the jewels and leaves. Language Eleonore tickles Eve (Italian) Eve tickles Eleonore (Spanish)

Duration: 30:09.320
Size: 1 129,637 Mb

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