TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Elizabeth’s birthday

It’s Elizabeth’s birthday but Valerie forgot to buy her a gift and Elizabeth gets mad about it so Valerie tells her that Elizabeth can come and tickle her feet in the morning while she’s still asleep and Elizabeth gets excited cause she really loves tickling and she always wanted to tickle Valerie but was too afraid to ask before so Elizabeth says it’s a great idea. And the next morning when Valerie is still sleeping Elizabeth sneakes into her room and lifts up the covers from her feet and starts tickling Valerie’s socked feet first and Elizabeth wonders why Valerie has socks on because it’s very warm in the room and her feet must be really sweaty after a while Elizabeth removes one of the socks and starts tickling Valerie’s sweaty barefoot and Valerie giggles and wiggles her toes Elizabeth soon removes the other sock as well and now both of Valerie’s feet are tickled making her giggle and laugh. Soon Elizabeth takes out a red feather and starts gliding it slowly up and down Valerie’s soles and between her toes and Valerie giggles and talks in her sleep telling Elizabeth to stop tickling her and Elizabeth thinks it’s really funnny when Valerie is talking in her sleep so she continues to use the feather and Valerie laughs and rubs her feet together after the feather she tickles Valerie with a brush making her laugh even more and after the brush she goes back to tickling Valerie with her fingers and after some time the finger tickling gets too much for Valerie and she wakes up but tries to act asleep so Elizabeth’s birthday present doesn’t get ruined because she knows Elizabeth really loves tickling but Valerie is also very ticklish and Elizabeth is really tickling her the best she can and Valerie tries to act asleep although she’s laughing constantly by now and eventually the tickling gets too much and Valerie bursts out laughing begging Elizabeth to stop tickling her but Elizabeth continues so Valerie won’t ever forget her birthday again and Valerie laughs and begs and eventually Elizabeth stops and Valerie can catch her breath and she asks if Elizabeth liked her birthday gift and Elizabeth loved it and wish she could tickle Valerie more often because she’s so ticklish and it’s so much fun and Valerie says she might let her tickle her if she’s nice at least on Elizabeth’s birthday and Elizabeth tickles Valerie one last time before they go for breakfast

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