TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Foot Tickling Dreams #3

A woman comes home after a long day at work and all she wants to do is to go to sleep, she gets dressed for the night and takes off her sneakers but leaves her socks on because the room feels a bit chilly. After that she puts her feet under the sheets so they're not visible and checks her social media but eventually gets too tired and falls asleep. What she didn't know is that while she was at work somebody broke into her apartment, the intruder walks into the sleeping and lightly snoring woman's bedroom and lifts up the sheet from her feet and starts to tickle her socked feet at first, the woman doesn't really respond to the tickling because she's in a deep sleep so she just snoring away but after a while the intruder removes the socks and takes out a feather and starts to glide it on the woman's sensitive soles and between her toes and now the woman giggles and continues to snore after a lot of feather tickling the intruder changes to a painting brush to get to those ticklish toes and the woman giggles and the tickling gets more intense each minute that pass so the woman really has to struggle to remain asleep but after the intruder tickles her bare feet with the fingers for a couple of minutes the sleeping woman wakes up and she can feel that her feet itch and that she has the urge to laugh, she glampse over and sees that somebody is tickling her but she acts like she's still asleep because she doesn't know if the intruder is dangerous she tries not to laugh while she gets tickled but it's getting really hard because the intruder really digs into her feet and sometimes puts the hand on top of the foot that the intruder is tickling so she can't move her feet but eventually the woman can't take no more tickling and she bursts out laughing begging the intruder to stop tickling her but the intruder just grabs her feet so she can't move and continues to tickle her but suddenly the woman wakes up and this time it's for real and she realize it was all a bad dream, she always has strange dreams when she goes to bed while she's stressed so she laughs to the fact how crazy the dream was and goes back to sleep but was it really all a dream…? 

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