TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – La mossa dell’avvocato / The layer’s step

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Eleonore and 'a lawyer who is following the case of Valerie; It informs her that 'almost come to resolution and they will receive a lot of money, but need another transfer to complete the practice. Valerie tells her that unfortunately and 'indebted everything to win ther case, and that if she anticipates them the money, then laugh them to him with 20% more, in addition to her fees. Eleonore is not 'very convinced, but tells Valery maybe they can find another more satisfactory agreement; and he asks if she knows anyone with fetish tickling, and if he knows what it is. Valerie has no idea, and so the Eleonore shows on her computer a video of tickling, and telling her that 'fun, and that for some people, ther and' exciting. Valerie intimidates you, so 'Eleonore begins to tickle the sides to test it, and if you suffer cheide. Valerie tries to resist but not retract, saying they do not suffer so much. Eleonore then proposed to do to get a little tickle, and after that will be equal, since you will go 'on with the practice snza ask any more money until the end. Valery has no alternative and accepts. Valery and 'tied on the bed / sofa, with arms up and legs spread; Eleonore has done stripped of everything except her bra and panties; Eleonore also you and 'put convenient, staying with stockings, skirt and bra. The begins to tickle the armpits and hips, with Valery that tries to resist, while Eleonore explains how the fetish tickling, laughing and saying that more and better and 'why' more exciting. Valery begins to realize that Eleonore has the fetish tickling and Eleonore confesses it to her, telling her she gets very turned to tickle the girls, but especially loves to tickle your feet. Valery reacts by saying that I do not hold them, and Eleonore and 'all excited to be able to torture Valery at the point where it suffers more; so you move the feet of Valery, telling her how much and 'exciting tickle the feet. Eleonore tickles for a while; asking her what it suffers and where he suffers more; then start to use the language, that crazy Valery, who starts to ask when she will be 'all over; Eleonore but says she has yet to play for some time, and that is to explore Valerie's feet; especially seeing if she suffers more with or without socks. So puts a sock on one foot, and starts tickling her foot and another, with Valerie who can no longer resist and asks her to finish and he'll do 'all he wants; so Eleonore says that 'a good girl, and tickles the feet with her tongue and fingers; by begging Valerie. The scene starts with Eleonore tied to the ground with your feet up tied to a chair, and a foot with the sock and one without. Valery says that now it 's her turn to play, and starts to tickle the soles of Eleonore, who tries to resist but succumbs immediately. Valery the teases, teasing her because she and 'a fetishert tickling but not on par tickled; and continues to tickle her, making her beg; especially when it starts to use the nail on the arc foot. Eleonore understands that and 'ended up in a bad situation and begins to bargain, while Valery knows he can have anything at ther point, so' start asking if she wants to lower the claim on the parcel; while continuing to torture Eleonore. She refuses, but Valery makes fast plead with your fingers and tongue, telling her where he suffers more and how much suffering it on foot with the sock without. Eleonore not do it anymore and starts to go along with Valery, who tells her that she's having a lot to tickle her; and that perhaps she too is becoming a fetishert tickled. Continues for a while by begging Eleonore, until he rings the door, and Valery free Eleonore telling her not to tell anyone, otherwise she shows the secret video filmed when Eleonore has tickled.

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