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Jessica meets Lilly to talk about her promotion; Jessica tells her that for the promotion it is necessary to undergo a test while the owner of the company remotely observes from her computer webcam. The test consists of getting tickled, Lilly accepts and agrees on the safeword that she can only use once, then tells her to hold out as long as possible before revealing it. Jessica makes the girl lie down and sits next to her, then starts tickling the feet of Lilly who is still wearing the ballet flats. She explains that the owner is a fetishist and loves tickling, so based on how she will react to the test, she can hope to be hired! At this point she takes off Lilly’s shoes and begins to tickle the soles, slowly, with her fingers. After a couple of minutes the owner asks her to move over her body, and Jessica asks Lilly to take off her blouse and keep her arms raised, while she begins to tickle her breasts and nipples with her hands. Jessica starts licking Lilly’s nipples, while tickling her armpits Lilly starts begging and saying she can’t resist anymore. The owner tells Jessica to continue and Lilly confesses that her feet are her weak point; so Jessica goes back to tickle Lilly’s feet, but this time she also uses her tongue, which makes Lilly panic: she begs and despairs, then gives in and screams the safeword. Jessica asks the owner if Lilly deserved the promotion; the woman tells her it’s okay, but now she wants them to switch places! Now it’s up to Lilly to take the reins of the game and so she starts tickling Jessica, starting from her feet, then on her breasts and nipples, first with her fingers and then with her tongue until Jessica screams and squirms she can’t bear any longer. In the end, the owner, who continues to see via webcam, says it can be enough. Jessica congratulates Lilly on holding out for so long and earning the promotion! At the end of the video the two girls will tell what they felt and the emotions experienced during this very particular test.

Length: 30:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

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