TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Resistenti? Ma quanto? – Resistant? Really?!

Numa and Eleonore are late for work again. Daphne, their director does not want to hear any excuses and does not accept explanations, she will have to fire them! The two girls implore her, get down on their knees and say they are willing to do anything to keep their job; so Daphne decides to test them. To continue working in the office, they will first have to take a series of special challenge …
First they will have to stay still, against the wall, with both arms raised and undergo a tickle all over the armpits, as if that were not enough, the girls will have to read a few pages of a book while maintaining concentration while being tickled.
During the second challenge they will sit on a chair with their stomachs uncovered and will have to undergo a long tickle all over the abdomen and along the sides, Daphne really wants to see which of the two will have greater resistance and will tolerate tickling better.
At this point, Eleonore and Numa, visibly tried by the previous tests, will lie down on a bed while Daphne will tickle them everywhere, on the feet, along the legs and again on the stomach and under the armpits.
To finish, in turns, one girl will have to make raspberries by pressing against the abdomen of the other, even here it will be hard to resist this particular tickle!

Length: 39:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

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