TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Stand still Numa, We need to check your body !

Numa wears a sport bra under a jacket. She wants to burn some calories. So when she comes to the place, her body is measured and the other girl who acts as her trainer tries to touch her body starting from the leg, checking out her muscles. She goes up to her hips, and until her abs, then she tells her to open her jacket. She is a little afraid because she is ticklish. Then the trainer touches her stomach and her chest. Lastly she checks her arms starting from her fingers up to her armpits. In the armpit area she starts pinching to check her muscle. When she checks her armpit, the other girl says that her armpits are a little bit sweaty. Then she is tied up in “T” position, spread arms and sitting not standing. The tickle workout starts. She gets tickled on her feet first, and after some time she asks for some rest. Still in that position, the trainer checks her body sweat touching her abs and both armpits as well. She checks for her sweat level, then she continues the workout, and she gets tickled on her abs, very intensely. After some time she is given some rest again, and gets checked for sweat again on the stomach and on both armpits. So the final workout is to get tickled to her armpit intensely. At last she has gotten enough workout and the trainer gives her some massage to relax, starting from her leg go up to her hips, abs, and her arms up to her armpits.

Length: 28:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

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