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LiliBayle, sitting at her desk, has to read some news from the TV streaming, Stella sees her and decides to disturb her by tickling her. she gets down and slowly begins to tickle her feet. LiliBayle must try to stay serious and focused on the news! After a while there is a commercial break, LiliBaylebayle tells Stella to stop, who can’t be serious. The news resumes and Stella takes off LiliBayle’s shoes, increasing the intensity of the tickle. Before the end of the news LiliBayle is obliged to give up, interrupting the reading because she can’t resist anymore! The last few minutes the girls are on the sofa, LiliBayle is angry with Stella who says it doesn’t take anything to stay focused while getting tickle. The challenge between the two starts, they take each other’s feet and start tickling each other to see who gives up first.

Length: 22:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

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