TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The Halloween night tickling

Ivy comes home from a Halloween party and just want to go to sleep after a long night out partying and she goes to the bedroom and finds her snoring friend Elisa there and her foot is sticking out from the covers and she gets an idea, she always wanted to tickle Elisa feet so she's going to tease her friend because she knows Elisa likes getting her feet tickled so she starts tickling the foot that is sticking out from the covers with her fingers and Elisa laughs and wiggles her toes and it seems like Elisa is very ticklish but enjoying it and Ivy continues to tickle her with her fingers while Elisa is having a wet dream soon Ivy wants to tickle both of Elisa's feet and she lifts up the covers and finds the other foot and foot is a little bit sweaty and Ivy blows on the foot while Elisa laughs and beg for the tickling to stop but of course that only gets Ivy even more excited to tickle the snoring Elisa and now Ivy is tickling both of Elisa's feet while she giggles and beg for the tickling to stop and Ivy is enjoying herself and starts tickling Elisa's toes which really drives Elisa crazy and she says no not my toes and Ivy continues to tickle Elisa's toes and says tickle tickle tickle then goes back to tickling Elisa's soles and Ivy doesn't give Elisa no rest but keeps on tickling her while Elisa is laughing and suddenly Elisa wakes up and starts laughing hysterically and beg for Ivy to stop but Ivy continues for a while and tells Elisa she knows how much she like tickling so she thought she was going to surprise Elisa and soon Ivy stops the tickling and goes to bed. 
But what she doesn't know is that Elisa also likes to tickle feet and when she hears that ivy starts to snore she gets out of bed and lifts up the covers and finds two sweaty bare feet because Ivy's been dancing all night but Elisa doesn't mind because that will only make them more ticklish and starts tickling Ivy's feet and it seems like Ivy is even more ticklish than she thought and is laughing and begging for the tickling to stop and says no not my feet anything but my feet they are so ticklish while she rubs her feet together and that gets Elisa even more excited to tickle Ivy and she continues the tickling with her fingers whiles Ivy snores and laughs and Elisa is tickling every part of Ivy's feet and that is driving Ivy crazy and Elisa gets between Ivy's toes and that really seems to be the spot for Ivy because she giggles even more from that and then Elisa remembers she has a feather in her room and goes after it and starts using on Ivy's ticklish feet and Elisa is very sensual with the feather gliding it slowly up and down Ivy's soles and between her toes while ivy giggles and begs for the tickling to stop and after the feather Elisa goes back to tickling Ivy with her fingers and after a long time of finger tickling Ivy wakes up but tries to resist the tickling but is still laughing because she's so ticklish and after a while of trying to resist the tickles she explodes out with laughter begging for Elisa to stop but Elisa continues for a while just to teach her friend not to tickle her feet again if she doesn't want to and after some time Ivy has learned her lesson and Elisa stops and they both go back to sleep and you get s last look at their feet while they snore

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