TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The night of the tickle seminar

Laura and Elenore play teachers and Daphne is the principal and they are going to attend a seminar early the next morning so they are all napping in a hotel, and they get ready to go to bed because they have to wake up early and the room has a dark ambiance because it’s night and Laura and Daphne rests in the bed while Elenore is napping at the floor at the end of the bed on a mattress and Laura is quickly resting and snoring while Daphne is taking a business call and her big sweaty bare feet are sticking out from the covers dangling at the edge of the bed and Elenore starts tickling Daphne’s big sweaty feet with a feather while she’s on the phone but Daphne doesn’t mind and seems to enjoy the tickling and crosses her feet and rubs them together, scrunches and flexes her feet and wiggling her toes and after some feather tickling Elenore tickles Daphne’s feet with her fingers and as Daphne gets off the phone the tickling stop and they all go to rest and snore.

But after a while Elenore wakes up to the smell of Laura’s sweaty bare foot that is sticking out from the covers and Elenore starts tickling Laura’s foot with the feather and lifts up the covers and exposes the other bare foot as well and now Elenore tickles both of Laura’s bare feet with the feather exploring every ticklish spot on her feet while Laura snores, Elenore then switches to fingers and notices Laura’s soles are extra ticklish tonight because of the sweat and Elenore also uses a toothbrush to tickle Laura’s feet and a paint brush and oils up one of Laura’s foot and test if the oil makes Laura even more ticklish and Laura snores, and Elenore is about to go back to rest when Daphne exposes one sweaty foot and it sticks out from the covers and wiggling her toes almost inviting Elenore to tickle her big and sweaty foot and Elenore starts tickling Daphne’s foot while she snores and uses the same tools and the oil on Daphne’s big sweaty feet as well teasing and tickling Daphne’s big sweaty feet intensely exploring every ticklish spot and wrinkle, driving Daphne wild in her dreams while she snores, flexes, scrunch up and wiggles her toes after a long time and a lot of tickling Elenore get in the bed with Laura and Daphne and goes to rest and starts to snore.

After a while Daphne wakes up to the snoring of Elenore and Laura and now Daphne finally can fulfill her fantasy to tickle the teacher’s feet while they rest and snore and she starts with Elenore and lifts up the covers to expose her sweaty bare feet and starts tickling her with the fingers bending Elenore’s toes back so she can’t move her feet and continues the finger tickling while Elenore snores and then Daphne uses a feather, tooth brush, paint brush and oils up Elenore’s feet to get them even more ticklish and then Daphne lifts up the covers to tickle Laura’s sweaty feet and uses the same tools on Laura’s bare feet and also oiling up her feet and then Daphne tickles them both at the same time with her fingers while Laura and Elenore snore, wiggling their toes, flexing and scrunching up their feet and rubbing them together and Daphne drives them wild with the tickling in their dreams and Daphne then goes back to rest satisfied she finally got to fulfill her fantasy and they all snore and their feet are sticking out from the covers and as morning comes one of the hotel staff enters their hotel room and starts tickling all their feet giving them a ticklish wake up call

Length: 40:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The night of the tickle seminar

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