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After being fired as a secretary, Elizabeth had to find a new job. She has been trtred and she would like to revnge and trtre another girl so, she found a job as a prison guard. But not any prison, this is a trtre prison. Elizabeth is a chief and she is charge of trtre the prisoners. Today she decides to go in the cell of Margherita, the new one. She is on her bed. Elizabeth enters the room, and tells her that she is the trtre prison, and today is her turn to be trtrd. “I am gonna tickle you really bad. You will have no help, no moving, and no mercy, do you understand?”she says Margherita is so scared and can’t say anything but “yes Mistress” 

Part 1 : bellybutton trtre 

So as a first trtre, Margherita is sit on her bed, bondaged. Elizabeth comes with all her tools, and shows them to the girl. Margherita is a bit afraid since she is ticklish. Elizabeth pulls up Margherita’s top, and starts tickling softly the bellybutton. Margherita laughs a lot, Elizabeth tells her to don’t move. She has to stay still the better she can. When she doesn’t, Elizabeth takes her hairs to remember her who is the mistress. Then she drops the paintbrush, and tickles the bellybutton with one finger only. Margherita sffers a lot but obeys. 

Part 2 : foot trtre 

After trtring Margherita’s bellybutton it’s time to take care of her feet! The guard puts Margherita on her back, takes her stockings off. And she puts a desk next to the bed, she puts her feet over it and ties them separately. Margherita is really bound now. Elizabeth starts tickling her feet softly with her fingers. Margherita laughs a lot, and begs for mercy. Then she is ordered to wrinkle her feet and then to spread the feet in order to get tickled in the wrinkles and between her toes. In the end, Elizabeth asks Margherita if she got enough trtre for today, but Margherita, as a good sub, replies that she needs more tickling. Elizabeth is so proud of her new slave girl, now it’s time for the big one: the trtre chair! 

Part 3 : big trtre 

Elizabeth ties Margherita on a chair, feet on the back. She has her hands tied behind her back. Then she ggs Margherita with some tape, and blindfolds her with a scarf. Now she starts tickling her feet really hard with her fingers, feathers and the small paintbrush. “Beg me for more!” Elizabeth yells to her vctm and Margherita says “please mistress I have been so bad, I need more trtre!” Elizabeth puts back the tape gg and the scarf on her eyes, and starts to tickle her feet with the toothbrush. It’s a massive trtre, Margherita laughs a lot At the end, Margherita begs her under the tape, so Elizabeth takes off the scarf and tape, and Margherita says she need to go to pee. The guard allows them to: “you have been a good girl, you can go to pee. But beware, I will come back to trtre you tomorrow!” Margherita nods to her Mistress thinking about next day. 

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