TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The Secret Agent

A secret agent comes back home from a mission and has put a lot of criminals behind bars and can finally get a well deserved rest and she goes to her bedroom and gets dressed fro the night but leaves her socks on and then goes to bed but before she falls asleep she checks where her next mission is going to be and then falls asleep. While she's asleep a villain breaks into her house and wants some revenge because the secret agent put her in jail, the villain enters the bedroom where the secret agent is snoring and she heard that the secret agent is very ticklish and the best way to break the secret agent is to tickle her stinky feet so the villain lifts up the covers and starts tickling the agents socked feet first with her fingers and the agent giggles and rubs her feet together and soon one of the socks gets removed and the barefoot gets tickled with fingers and the agent laughs and flexes her foot then the villain takes out a feather and starts gliding it slowly up and the the sole and between the toes and then the villain tries what tickles more the feather on the agents barefoot or fingers on the socked foot and it seems like the feather tickles more so the other sock is also removed and now both of the agents feet are tickled with the feather and the villain really tickles all the agents ticklish spots making her laugh loudly and suddenly the agent wakes up and the villain hides behind the bed and the agent scratches her feet but son goes back to sleep thinking she only had a kinky dream and once the villain starts hearing snoring again she continues to tickle the agent with the feather but a little more sensually so she doesn't wake up again after the feather the villain finds a feather duster that the agent uses to clean her place and it works good to tickle the very ticklish agent and the villain wastes no time but tries out the new tickle tool and starts using the feather duster to tickle the agents feet the agent laughs and giggles and talks in her sleep after the feather duster the villain goes back to using her fingers to tickle the agent and tries her best to wake up the agent but she's a heavy sleeper so it takes a while but the villain doesn't give in but continues to tickle the agent and the eventually the agent wakes up and feels she has the urge to laugh like somebody is tickling her and she glimpse over and notice that the villain is tickling her feet and the agent tries to resist the tickling but she still laughs and giggles because she's very ticklish and the villain continues to try to break the agent and the agent resists and resists trying her best not to starts laughing hysterically but soon enough the ticklish sensation takes over and and the agent bursts out laughing begging the villain to stop tickling her very ticklish feet but the villain won't stop until she feels that the agent has been tickled enough and the agent has to promise not to go to the police and then maybe the tickling will stop and at first the agent tries to act tough like it doesn't even tickle but soon she starts laughing hysterically again and begs for the tickling to stop but it continues until the agent finally promises not to go to the police and the tickling continues for a little while just so the agent won't change her mind and then the tickling stops and the agent goes back to sleep and thinks the villain left the house but once the agent starts snoring again the villain continues to tickle the agents bare feet that are out from the covers and the agent laughs and giggles and says in her sleep "no not more tickling I can't take it" and then continues to snore and the villain continues to tickle the agent for a while and then leaves the agent there laughing. 

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 4912 kbps, 50.000 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 317 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 25:46.120
Size: 963,894 Mb

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