TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The Tickling Questioning

Stella is the leader of a dangerous criminal organization. But she has had a carelessness and has been captured by the police. The police have questioned Stella to find out the next crimes that her organization is going to commit. Nothing was bale to make Stella speak. So the police decide to call Agent Rose, who is a special intelligence agent. When Agent Rose gets to where Stella is. Stella is in her underwear with her arms and legs stretched out on a massage table, her wrists and ankles bound. Agent Rose enters the room and introduces herself. She tells Stella that they usually call her in cases where the criminals don’t want to talk. Stella tells her that she is not going to say anything either. Special Agent Rose smiles and tells Stella that we’ll see if it’s true. While looking at Stella tied up, Special Agent Rose begins the interrogation. And she begins to tickle her very slowly with her nails in Stella’s armpits, ribs, and feet. Will Stella be able to resist the delicate interrogation of Special Agent Rose or will Special Agent Rose be the one to make the criminal Stella speak with her delicate tickle tecnique?

Duration: 25:12.040
Size: 903,314 Mb

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