TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Trick or tickle

Daphne, Rose and Numa is having a sleepover, they are all wearing socks and are about to go to sleep when they hear somebody breaking into their house and they all pretend to be asleep and snores loudly and the tickle thief (Stella) enters the room and lifts up the covers and starts tickling their socked feet starting out with Daphne’s big ticklish and sweaty feet while Daphne snores loudly trying not to laugh and then the tickle thief move on to the rest of the girls while they snore away, after some time the thief wants to see their bare feet and removes their socks little by little tickling every part of their feet. The intense tickling begins, digging into their bare feet giving them no breaks. The thief will use different tools to tickle the ladies feet like a different feathers, brushes and of course a lot of finger tickling. Their feet are flexing, scrunching up, rubbing them together and wiggling their toes while the tickling continues. In the end the ladies have had enough and can’t take no more tickling and they start laughing hysterically and begging for the tickling to stop but unfortunately for them the feet tickling will continue until the sun rises as their laughter echoes through the night. The thief all of a sudden stops, but she waits until the ladies fall asleep again and snores and then she continues the tickling until the morning!

Length: 30:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Trick or tickle

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