TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Una serva quasi perfetta – An almost perfect servant

Miriam is Eve’s prisoner. She is sitting on a chair and the man orders her to kneel in front of him, but the girl refuses and does not yield. Eve insists, uses kind manners and is calm, but warns her, if she doesn’t follow orders, he will be forced to use hard manners. Miriam doesn’t look scared and refuses to get down on her knees in front of him.

Now Miriam is tied up, lying face down, mummified with cellophane and tied to the bed, she cannot move in any way. Only the feet are exposed. Eve gives her a last chance, tells her that if she agrees to kneel in front of him, all this will end and he will free her, but the girl is too proud and once again refuses! At this point, the man turns around her and stops at her feet, then slips off the ballet flats, leaving the soles of her feet uncovered. Only now Miriam understands what coast she is about to suffer: the terrible tickle on her feet! The girl suffers a lot and so she begs Eve to free her, promises him that she will kneel in front of him and do whatever he wants, but the man refuses: he has given her too many opportunities to change her mind and now she deserves to be punished! Eve starts the timer and continues to tickle her feet for five minutes. Miriam is beside herself, she begs, squirms, screams… she doesn’t tolerate this punishment, it’s too much! After the first 5 minutes, Eve decides to leave with another 5 minutes, the girl begs him, but it is useless! The girl is exhausted and is now willing to do anything to make it all stop. At the end of the time, Miriam promises to carry out any order, so Eve unties her and the girl without batting an eye kneels docile in front of his tormentor and thanks him.

Miriam now looks like a perfect slave, obeys every command and doesn’t resist. She is on her knees, with her hands on her knees, palms up. Eve orders her to lie on her stomach and tickles her soles, the docile girl agrees. Miriam has to resist, keeping her feet together and not moving. The tickle is delicate and the girl suffers just enough not to disappoint her master. At this point Eve orders her to take off her shirt and show him her breasts, but the girl refuses. Eve threatens her by telling her he will have to punish her. This time it will be even worse for Miriam!

Miriam is tied on her stomach, hands behind her head, arms outstretched. Eve starts tickling her armpits and continues for five very long minutes. Miriam is suffering a lot, the tickle in that area is an incredible torture, but she still does not give up. After the time, Eve again orders her to undress threatening her to continue for another 5 minutes, but she still refuses. The torturer is impressed by her determination and decides to free her by complimenting her willpower!

Miriam is mummified face up on the couch. Wear ballet flats and stockings. Eve is behind her on a chair and puts his feet over her face and orders her to lick them, the girl refuses and moves her face, he seems amused. However, seeing the girl does not give up, the man begins to tickle her feet, then takes water and pours it on her stockings, but even so the girl seems to tolerate torture, so the man tears off her stockings and starts tickling her soles nude. Now the girl is really in pain and squirms unable to resist. Miriam agrees to worship Eve’s feet and in disgust begins to lick them. Eve is amused by the situation and after a few minutes he takes one of his shoes, places it on the girl’s face so that she is forced to smell it well and tells her not to move, if she drops it he will be forced to devise a new punishment!

Duration: 54:48.280
Size: 2 050,659 Mb

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