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New Model! There is a new super model on Tickling Girls Videos, she’s better known as “La Pecosa”, she’s a super hot Ginger Latina girl, and her nickname is because she’s got a lot of freckles on her chest and belly.

Well this girl has a lot of experience doing all kind of videos, even hard videos, therefore she accepted to do Tickling videos, because c’mon, tickling are so inoffensive, how bad it could be?…

So, let’s do tickling videos! She’s arms cuffed behind her back with her feet on the stocks, totally helpless for inoffensive tickling… She’s wearing a super hot red outfit with black sheer pantyhose and the sexiest red heels ever, this sole image is worth it,

The tickling starts gently over her feet and after some kindness her heel were removed, the party has started… she regretted to have brought such high heels, because she was punished with her own heels, the heel over her arches were the first announcement that tickling is harder than she thought…

She got several techniques of tickling on her feet, even in order to immobilize her feet and enhance the intensity, some table were added to the stocks to fix her toes and spread her arches. Her pantyhose were ripped off and also her feet were oiled and scratching with brushes to drive her totally crazy…

A fun comment that I hear was “at first I thought she looked kind of tough, redhead stereotypes, etc. but she broke so fast… didn’t stand a chance”.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, she now respects Tickling.

Length: 10:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Discovering Tickling Fetish

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