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Aleinad is back!! Super ticklish Aleinad got an intense tickle session but this time on “The Potro”… her arms are tied above the head leaving her sensitive armpits and ribs totally exposed, the session starts with gentle touches on her ribs and immediately she remembered how ticklish she is, the fingers tickling her ribs, armpits and thighs made her trying to escape from tickling but obviously she couldn’t, so she only could squirm on from one side to another on the couch, she moves so hard that on several times she almost felt from the couch, she is so adorable laughing so hard and squirming.
So it’s time to reach better her armpits and there’s one tool that she really likes to be tickled with, the makeup brush on her armpits, this is because this is really soft, so are her armpits, but surprisingly soft tickling on her armpits ended up defeating her too.
At some point she was cuffed behind her back, and you could watch how nice she tries to stop the tickling, for example, when she was being tickled on the left side she tries to grab one hand and stop the tickling,
but as soon as she covers the left side, the tickling goes to the right side, so she tries to stop tickling from the right side and well, every attempt was useless and never could avoid to be tickled…
Another lovely fact is that sometimes on her desperation she tried to bite to stop the tickling, but I dodged her attempts and didn’t stop tickling her.

Length: 9:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Super ticklish Aleinad on The Potro

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