TicklishGirls – Jazmine Face Down and Neck Tickled

This is the final clip that I did in the mini series of shorter videos with Jazmine. I did a few short clips with Jazmine in this series, which are shorter than usual and allowed me to offer the video at a lower cost than most of my clips. For each of these shorter videos, I didn’t tell Jazmine where I was going to tickle her. I just started the camera, picked a spot, and kept tickling her on that spot for the entire video. The spot to tickle today was her neck. I told her to have her hair tied up before the shoot, so I knew I would have easy access. For the entire time, I am tickling Jazmine’s neck and ears with the electric toothbrush and my other hand, occasionally tickling her underarms with my free hand also.

Length: 12:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jazmine Face Down and Neck Tickled

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