TicklishGirls – Kara in the Tickle Chair

Kara is here to try out tickling and bondage for the first time, and now we have her in the tickle chair. Kara is 21 years old, and has size 5.5 feet. Her feet aren’t very ticklish, so I bring the tickle tools out very early in the scene. The toothbrush tickling her toes gets her to laugh a little, but the massagers with baby oil on her soles is what gets Kara to laugh the most. Since she was really making me work hard with my tickle tools, I couldn’t go easy on Kara. I spent a lot of time using the massagers on her soles, in combination with the electric toothbrush buzzing between her toes. More than halfway through the scene, I could really see that she was starting to have a hard time taking it. So I did the right thing, and told her that we were going to be making this scene longer than usual.

Length: 45:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kara in the Tickle Chair

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