TicklishGirls – Scarlett on the Tickle Table

Now it’s time for Scarlett to take her turn on the tickle table. Scarlett is 5’4″ tall, and I’m really lucky to have this hottie strapped down to be tickled. Scarlett is more ticklish on her upper body than her feet, and since she is wearing a bikini, I’m going to get to explore all the best tickle spots on her body. A quick test of a few areas reveals that Scarlett is very ticklish on her underarms. Her arms are strapped high above her head, so she is completely helpless as I tickle her armpits and watch her squirm around and giggle. Scarlett is laughing much more for this scene than her feet scene, and I have her giggling a lot as I tickle her belly and underarms. And then I bring out the electric toothbrush. This was the key. As soon as the vibrations touch her belly and sides, she tries to hold it in for a second, and then she just can’t resist. This was a lot of fun once I discovered this, and Scarlett was going to have to try her best to take it while I explore her body. She gets tickled everywhere with the electric toothbrush, letting out cute little squeaks of laughter as I touch the most ticklish spots, which seems to be her sides and underarms. And then she tells me her neck is ticklish. Thank you! Once I confirm this is definitely true, I have to put the middle strap back on her, and get ready for some fun. Scarlett is giggling nonstop as I explore her neck with buzzing vibrations, and she just has to take it the best she can. And we aren’t even halfway into the scene yet. For the rest of the session, which is a very long time, I continue to tickle Scarlett with my hands and the electric toothbrush at times. Even though I made this an intense session, I think I wasn’t the only one having fun. Scarlett definitely enjoys some parts of the session, but that’s no excuse for me to take it easy. It’s actually a good excuse for me to push her limits even harder, and that’s one of my favorite things about this girl.

Length: 30:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Scarlett on the Tickle Table

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