TotalTickling – Agent gets stripped tickled and spanked

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No government agent has come so close to breaking this case until now. However while she is rummaging through some stuff she lets her guard down for one second and he pounces.

While she is out, He strips her almost down nude, slowly removing her boots and one stocking. Fondling her breast and pussy to humiliate her even more, he has her gagged and blindfolded so she can't even see what tortures will shortly unfold. When she wakes up, our villian yanks her hair hard, tickles her armpits and ribs with a toothbrush and a fork. She is super ticklish but will not give away any of her secrets no matter how much her humiliates her! He grabs her bare foot and decides it time to really tickle torture his poor victim.

Lastly he grabs her discarded clothing and tells her this is what happens to agents who break into his domain! He strips her completely of her pants and taks her stockinged foot which is even more ticklish and begins to torture it with the toothbrush and fork. She can barely contain herself with all the trashing. She doesn't give up anything though. But she is close to…..

Her position is changed to where he can tickle both feet and spank her ass hard in order to break her remaining spirit, where through her ticklish sobs she finally tells him everything he wants to know.

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