UKTickling – Amy’s Mean Hogtie Tickle Revenge!

Now it’s Amy’s chance to get her own back and she doesn’t waste it! On her first shoot, Amy wasn’t all that good at tickling and she ended up on the receiving end instead. Since then, she’s been practicing though and she most definitely knows what she’s doing now as she’s turned into a seriously mean tickler! Amy has Jay barefoot and hogtied on the floor. It’s Jay’s first hogtie and she soon discovers that it’s her worst position to be tickled in as Amy has her laughing and squealing in fits of hysterical laughter! This one is short but very intense as Amy torments Jay’s sensitive bare feet and her super-ticklish body. Her nails are very effective on Jay’s soles, but when she uses her tongue to lickle and tickle her soles and toes it really drives her crazy! Amy loves getting even and she really makes Jay suffer, playfully teasing her all the while, even making Jay worship her feet as she carries on tickling her! There’s some very wild reactions, especially in the final minutes as Amy squeezes her sides until Jay can’t take anymore and she’s left sweaty and exhausted on the floor. This one completely ruined her…Amy’s definitely picked up some skills!

Duration: 9:36.824
Size: 1 036,836 Mb

Download – Amy’s Mean Hogtie Tickle Revenge!

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