UKTickling – Ariel’s Sensitive Soles In The Double Stocks!

Tall beauty Ariel Anderssen gets some more tickle- as her large sexy soles go into the double stocks for the first time! Ariel’s feet are super-ticklish and in this position she’s totally helpless as her wrinkly soles get thoroughly tormented. Wearing a tight dress with sheer pantyhose and heels, Ariel’s hands are bound behind her back with her long legs trapped in the stocks. The heels come off and she’s soon laughing and shrieking as her her sheer nylon feet are tickled. Her feet are relentlessly tickled with fingers and hairbrush, which drives Ariel nuts! Her tightly trapped legs prove extremely ticklish too and her upperbody is even worse as Ariel bends double trying to escape! The electric toothbrush is used to tease and tickle her amazing arches and super-long toes before the nylons are ripped and Ariel’s big bare soles get tickled too. After some teasing tickles with the feather, her bare feet are baby lotioned for an intense tickling finale with fingers and hairbrush on her sensitive bare soles that leaves Ariel breathless. She’s completely exhausted when it’s finally over!

Length: 11:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ariel’s Sensitive Soles In The Double Stocks!

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