UKTickling – Ayla & Naia’s Foot Tickling Endurance Challenge – Custom

Naia and Ayla Sky meet again for a hot tickling challenge in awesome custom clip! This one follows in the style of Rachelle and Tillie’s barefoot endurance challenge, so if you enjoyed that one you will definitely love this! As in that clip, both girls start out side-by-side wearing jeans and trainers with socks. Their ankles are cuffed as they face an endurance challenge: they will take it in turns to have their feet tickled whilst trying not to laugh out loud. They are timed, and in each round, the girl that holds out the longest wins the round. It is a best out of five, so the first girl to win three rounds will win the challenge. The loser then receives a forfeit: they will have their barefeet tickled mercilessly by the winner for five minutes. It’s a tough contest for Ayla and Naia as they both have ridiculously ticklish feet but nevertheless, the challenge begins and both girls try to hold it together their shoes come off and their socked feet are tickled! Somehow, they get through the first round and it’s a draw as both girls put up a real fight, with neither caving completely.  Soon the socks come off and their bare soles and toes are tickled whilst each tries to hold out. They both really struggle and it’s not long before their both laughing or shrieking – particularly as the tickling gets more intense. They cover their faces and flail around but they can’t hold out forever – especially when the electric toothbrush is used as well! After five rounds, Naia has won two and Ayla one, with two rounds drawn even…and so we make them sit another round too! This time Naia wins (as the hairbrush makes Ayla scream!) and she is the overall winner. This means that poor Ayla has to receive the five minute tickle forfeit from Naia’s super-long nails. Naia has a great time working over Ayla’s sensitive bare soles and toes, while Ayla goes totally crazy. It’s unbearable for Ayla, and it makes for an intense ending to a great scene with these two!

Duration: 14:14.040
Size: 315,151 Mb

Download – Ayla & Naia’s Foot Tickling Endurance Challenge – Custom

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