UKTickling – Becky Really Punishes Jay’s Super-Ticklish Feet!

Missy Jay has her super-ticklish feet punished by Becky in another extremely wild F/F scene! If you enjoyed Jay’s hogtie torment with Amy, you will likely love this one too as Becky drives her nuts, tickling relentlessly until she ends up on the floor – and beyond! Jay starts out with her feet in the stocks, wearing gym gear and sheer nylons under leggings and trainers. She starts cracking up as Becky teases her feet before removing the shoes and driving her crazy! Becky’s nails torment Jay’s nylon soles as she squirms and flails around wildly. After a couple of minutes, she rips the nylons and tickles her bare soles too. It tickles even more, especially as she begins lickling and tickling her sensitive toes! Jay can’t handle it and she goes totally nuts as Becky continues tickling and lickling until she finally ends up on the floor after much thrashing and struggling. Becky still doesn’t quit though and she carries on tickling as a helpless Jay can only beg and struggle hopelessly, finally kicking the stocks free and nearly dragging them to the floor too! Becky’s not done though and she grabs the stocks, giving her feet yet more tickling as a stuck Jay can do nothing to prevent it. A short but crazy clip…Jay’s feet are just way too ticklish!

Length: 8:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Becky Really Punishes Jay’s Super-Ticklish Feet!

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