UKTickling – Chantelle’s Nails Tease Luna’s Table-Trapped Feet!

Blonde cutie Luna returns for an encounter with mean tickler Chantelle Fox in this hot F/F foot tickling scene! Luna’s little size 3 feet go into the tickle-table twice, as Chantelle torments her from the other side! She starts out in sheer pantyhose as she sits atop the table with her legs and feet through the holes. Chantelle lies underneath, where she can reach up and torment Luna’s super-ticklish soles as Luna squeals and laughs! Chantelle’s long nails are super-tickly and they drive Luna completely nuts at times. You get a great view of both sides of the table, with split screen throughout most of the clip so you don’t miss a thing. Chantelle loves being the tickler and she makes the most of it, teasing Luna from underneath, whilst grabbing her helpless nylon feet and tickling her out of her mind! She rips the nylons and tickles her bare soles too, and Luna squeals and shrieks with laughter, but can’t get away! Then they switch sides and Luna’s goes under the table with her feet poking out of the top. Chantelle has even more fun punishing her bare soles from above, grabbing her feet whenever Luna tries to squeeze through the holes and tickling her even more! When she adds the baby lotion it gets very intense for Luna and she goes nuts as Chantelle launches a furious tickle attack on her poor soles in the final minutes! It’s a long, crazy, intense foot tickle session and it’s a lot of fun – for Chantelle anyway! Once it’s over though, it’s time for some payback and that’s bad news for Chantelle as she’s one of the most ticklish people on the planet…watch out for part 2 of this one!

Length: 18:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Chantelle’s Nails Tease Luna’s Table-Trapped Feet!

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