UKTickling – Cherry Gives Her Step-Mother Relentless Tickle-Torture!

When Cherry persuaded her super-ticklish step-mother to join her for another shoot, we felt she had to give her an extra long tickle session this time – and she does! With her wrists and ankles cuffed, her poor step-mother is reduced to a very hot and sweaty mess as Cherry thoroughly tickle- her. Focusing mainly on the feet (her most ticklish spot) Cherry removes her heels and runs her nails over her step-mother’s sheer pantyhosed soles. She has a lot of fun driving mum out of her mind, laughing at her reactions as she slowly teases and tickles her feet until she is pleading and gasping for breath! Cherry toys with her feet for a long time before slowly moving up the legs and tickling her body too. Her step-mother is completely exhausted and soaked with sweat by this point but she can’t stop laughing as Cherry tickles her ribs, sides and armpits. Finally she returns to the feet and after some more tickling, she rips the nylons to tickle her bare soles too. She adds baby lotion before running her nails all over her slippery soles once more! Just when it seems like her step-mother can’t take any more, Cherry increases the intensity and gives her a final few minutes of mean tickling that have her howling and pleading to stop! It’s a very long session with this gorgeous step-mother and step-daughter duo – and some great laughter from both ladies!

Duration: 19:26.080
Size: 525,273 Mb

Download – Cherry Gives Her Step-Mother Relentless Tickle-Torture!

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