UKTickling – Cherry & Her Step Mother Team Up For Revenge!

After both getting punished it only seemed fair to let Cherry and her step-mother get their own back – and since Cherry got tickled the worst, she gets to go first! Blindfold, with my feet in the stocks and arms cuffed, Cherry has a blast tormenting my socked feet with her long, pointy nails. She enjoys making me jump as she teases and tickles, and has great fun throwing in unexpected body tickles when I am not expecting it! Removing the socks, she goes to work on my bare soles, running her nails up and down before reaching over to tickle my sides and armpits, laughing all the while! Towards the end, Cherry calls her stepmum from the other room and invites her to join in. Taking a foot each, they go to town with her stepmum loving the opportunity for payback and tickling hard! At Cherry’s request, she grabs the brush while Cherry uses her nails (she wants a brush too but can’t find it!). They have a great time getting revenge together and they end up in fits of laughter as they sneak surprise attacks on my body in between the foot punishment. They make a very cute tickle-team!

Length: 9:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cherry & Her Step Mother Team Up For Revenge!

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