UKTickling – Cherry Watches Her Feet Get Tickle – Custom

Sexy and super-ticklish Cherry has a unique experience as she has to watch her own barefeet being tickled in this hot custom! Cherry is stretched out and strapped face-down on the table. A monitor is placed beneath her so she can watch what is happening to her through the window in the table. You get a great view of Cherry’s reactions and her amazingly sexy barefeet side-by-side, as they get some serious tickle ! Her heels come off and her helpless soles are teased and tickled with fingers and the electric toothbrush as she giggles and squeals. They then get an intense tickling with the hairbrush that has Cherry shrieking with laughter as she struggles against the restraints…and she gets to watch the whole thing! Amazing views of Cherry’s feet and ass as she struggles on the table, as well as a great view of her perfect boobs as they jiggle through the hole in the table!

Duration: 9:52.013
Size: 1 050,446 Mb

Download – Cherry Watches Her Feet Get Tickle – Custom

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