UKTickling – Cherry’s 10 Minute Tickle Endurance Challenge!

Cherry’s Mum didn’t have a chance to get her own back, but still Cherry most definitely pays the price for being so mean, as she gets the worst tickling of her life in this crazy endurance challenge! The rules of this one are simple: Cherry goes into the stocks for 10 minutes of non-stop, no-holds-barred tickle . If she says the safeword (‘blossom’) at any point, then the tickling will stop, BUT she will have to endure another 10 minute tickle session right afterwards! If she can hold out for the full 10 minutes however, then she wins the challenge and can get her own back by tickling me afterwards (and she can choose the scenario too!) Cherry looks amazing in a smart, sexy secretary outfit with, blazer, sheer stockings and stilettos. With her wrists bound and her feet in the stocks, the timer starts and Cherry’s torment begins. Her heels come off and right away it’s clear that Cherry is going to struggle to get through this one. She is super-ticklish and she goes crazy as her nylon feet, legs and body are tickled mercilessly. She laughs, squeals, begs and thrashes around like crazy and a few minutes in, she is looking ready to cave already! Cherry toughs it out though…the upperbody tickling is just unbearable for her but her feet are super-sensitive too. There is no let up though, and the tickling just gets worse for her the longer it goes on. When she is given the option of ending it, Cherry still refuses and has to try and hold out. She gets the hairbrush and electric toothbrush on her feet, which really makes her squeal. It’s the ribs, armpits and thighs though that almost prove too much by the end! Nevertheless, Cherry keeps it together and finally makes it to the end – sweating and gasping for breath.

Duration: 11:10.600
Size: 246,818 Mb

Download – Cherry’s 10 Minute Tickle Endurance Challenge!

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