UKTickling – Cherry’s 10 Minutes Of Tickle Hell!

After punishing her poor mum’s feet for so long, it only seemed right that Cherry got an intense tickling also, so she gets stretched out and strapped down on her back for a very intense ten minutes of tickle session that she won’t forget! Still wearing her catsuit, Cherry has her wrists and ankles cuffed to the table. With cameras at either end you get a great view as she is tickled out of her mind, with barely any at all to catch her breath. Cherry’s had a non-stop ten minute tickle challenge once before, but this time it’s not even a challenge…it’s just punishment! She’s already giggling and laughing as her nylon feet are tickled through her heels, and once those come off she’s soon squealing and shrieking with laughter! Cherry is super-ticklish and she genuinely finds it completely unbearable, especially when her body is tickled too. Her ribs and sides are the worst spots in this position but her armpits, legs and belly are all extremely ticklish also. She looks incredibly hot in her tight catsuit, but even hotter when it’s pulled down to expose her amazing boobs! Cherry’s nylon feet get a lot of tickling, with fingers and then the hairbrush which makes her scream and squeal like mad. After five minutes, she’s struggling to cope and is crestfallen to learn she’s still only half-way through! It doesn’t get any more bearable in the second half though, as the nylons are ripped and her sensitive bare soles and toes are even more ticklish. It’s a relentless session as her feet and body are tickled (sometimes at the same time!) and Cherry doesn’t know which way to turn as she jumps, jerks, thrashes and squeals! When the time is up, she’s very relieved – she said this was one of her absolute worst tickle sessions yet…though we think it’s one of her best!

Length: 11:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cherry’s 10 Minutes Of Tickle Hell!

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