UKTickling – Cherry’s Step-Mother Gets Some Tickle Revenge – Custom

Cherry’s step-mother has a chance to get her own back in this hot step-mother and step-daughter F/F custom! Cherry had a lot of fun tormenting her step-mother’s super-ticklish feet and armpits, but this time it’s Cherry bound with her barefeet at her step-mother’s mercy. This one starts out with Mum questioning Cherry about where she is most ticklish before slowly teasing and tickling her sexy bare soles. With arms up and legs strapped and cuffed in front of her, Cherry is helpless under her step-mother’s long nails and she’s soon struggling and laughing like crazy. She admits that her toes are her worst spot and it doesn’t take long for her Mum to zero in on them, making her squeal and shriek with laughter! Cherry does not like being on the receiving end and she pleads with her step-mother, between squeals and curses. It soon gets worse though as Cherry finds herself blindfolded and the tickling continues – worse now that Cherry can’t see what’s going on. She uses the brush on Cherry’s sensitive feet and then takes the opportunity to really get her, sneaking tickles over her legs and then tickling her upperbody as Cherry jumps and screams with laughter! Poor Cherry is nearly in tears with the upperbody tickling but it’s not over yet and Mum returns to her feet. Teasing Cherry throughout, she finishes up by writing a little message on her bare soles before giving her some final tickle all over…Cherry is begging her to stop by the end. Revenge is definitely served in this one!

Length: 16:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cherry’s Step-Mother Gets Some Tickle Revenge – Custom

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