UKTickling – Crazy-Ticklish Jasmine’s First Time In The Stocks!

Gorgeous newcomer Jasmine De Launay gets her first tickle session – and quickly realises that she’s in a lot of trouble because she’s seriously ticklish! Exotic Jasmine is one very sexy milf, with some amazing curves and cute little feet, which turn out to be a lot more ticklish than she imagined. She wears little denim shorts and a vest top with sheer pantyhose and heels as she goes into the stocks with her arms up. The heels come off and Jasmine is soon gasping, squealing and laughing like crazy as her nylon feet are teased and tickled. Her body proves very ticklish too and she squirms and squeals with laughter again as her legs, sides and armpits are tickled! Her feet are her worst spot – especially toes and they get a lot of tickling with fingers and the brush before some thigh tickles that drive her completely nuts! Returning to her upperbody Jasmine’s sides prove to be another tickle spot, and when her top is pulled down her massive boobs and nipples prove pretty ticklish too! She gets some intense upperbody tickling as she jerks and thrashes around but it’s her super-ticklish feet that produce the wildest reactions of all and Jasmine is truly tickled out of her mind as she gets the brush, toothbrush before the nylons are ripped to tickle her barefeet too. She soon learns that the hairbrush and baby lotion is the craziest combination of them all, as her sexy bare soles get total tickle- in the final minutes! It’s an intense introduction and it leaves Jasmine gasping for breath…we couldn’t wait to get her back for more after this debut!

Length: 15:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Crazy-Ticklish Jasmine’s First Time In The Stocks!

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