UKTickling – Crazy-Ticklish Lottie LaLay In The Stocks

Super-cute blonde Lottie LaLay makes her UK Tickling debut…it turns out Lottie is super-ticklish too, and even more than she was expecting as she squeals and squirms her way through her first tickle session! Lottie wears a skimpy top, miniskirt with sheer pantyhose and stilettos as she goes into the stocks. She’s a little nervous but is soon laughing her head off as her heels are removed and her nylon feet tickled. Her feet are very sensitive and she cracks up completely as they are tickled, but it soon gets even worse as her thighs and body are tickled too. Lottie is ticklish everywhere but it turns out her armpits are off the charts! She goes totally nuts as her body is tormented, thrashing like crazy whenever her armpits are touched. Her feet are then given another intense tickling with fingers and the brush, which soon has her laughing hysterically again. She’s breathless by the time her body is tickled again but she nearly squirms out of the seat as the underarms get some intense tickling! Her top and bra come off to expose her amazing boobs, which jiggle as she thrashes wildly in the seat, whilst getting several more minutes of merciless body tickles! Her nylon feet get more tickles before the pantyhose are ripped open to expose her amazing bare soles. There follows an intense final sequence, which sees her sensitive bare feet getting thoroughly lotioned for a torturous tickling, fingers and the brush as Lottie flails helplessly and squeals with laughter. It’s a long and crazy first time for Lottie but it definitely won’t be the last!

Length: 17:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Crazy-Ticklish Lottie LaLay In The Stocks

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