UKTickling – Crazy-Ticklish Scarlett’s First Time In The Stocks!

Gorgeous redhead Scarlett Foxett turns out to be crazily-ticklish as she goes into the stocks for her first tickle session! Scarlett had already warned us that she is extremely ticklish and she wasn’t kidding as she laughs and thrashes her way through this intense clip! Looking very hot in a sheer top, miniskirt, sheer pantyhose and heels, Scarlett goes into the stocks with her arms cuffed overhead. She’s soon giggling then laughing like crazy as the shoes come off and her sexy nylon feet are tickled. Her feet are very ticklish, but it turns out the rest of her is too, and before long she’s shrieking with laughter and thrashing around as her legs and body are tickled. Poor Scarlett is soon gasping for breath, but it’s not easy as her nylon feet are punished with the hairbrush too! Focusing on her hot body again, Scarlett curses and swears in between bursts of laughter as her sides, hips, belly and armpits are all tickled. Her top is pulled up to show off her amazing boobs whilst she squirms and struggles frantically, soon working up a sweat! Returning to her feet, the pantyhose are ripped and her amazing bare feet are tormented for the remaining five minutes. Her toes are unbearably ticklish and they get teased and tickled with fingers, feather and the electric toothbrush whilst Scarlett cracks up completely. She also gets the hairbrush and a lot of lotion before an intense finale that leaves her totally ruined! An amazing debut for this incredible girl!

Length: 14:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Crazy-Ticklish Scarlett’s First Time In The Stocks!

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